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Established by Maria Ilvia Biolcati – Milva – in 1984 as a family foundation,
Insula Felix since 2022 has become a no-profit institution by the will of Martina Corgnati.

The Insula Felix Foundation fosters research, supports culture and
young scholars, provides scholarships, and collaborates in promoting
therapeutic practices and innovative forms of support for people with
psycological distress or neurological-psychiatric problems.
The operational headquarters is at 9 Via Gabrio Serbelloni in Milan, formerly
the private residence of the singer, now transformed into a refined space
to study and to meet, for seminars and meetings, equipped with
a small collection of paintings and art objects, a library and guest quarters;
a place “with an aura,” open to scholars and students by reservation

Thematic areas

The foundation’s activities are divided into three thematic areas but
unified by common guidelines and a “key word” from year to year
different. INSULA is the 2022-23 word.


Bibliographic resources for
art history, meetings
and research projects.


Meaning effects, symbolic action,
media and a virtual library of
semiotics for easy reference.


Caring with art, with
culture and with memory:
thoughts, words, seminars.

Executive Committee

It is delegated to all functions needed in order to carry out the purposes
of the Foundation. It consists of the President and four members.

None of the members of the foundation’s body receives income for their activities on behalf of the foundation.

Scientific Committee

Consists of distinguished experts active in various fields of culture and science.
It deliberates and cooperates in implementing the guidelines that the foundation follows in its activities.

None of the members of the foundation’s body receives income for their activities on behalf of the foundation.

Library and projects consultant

Takes care of the library’s holdings, cataloging and implementation.
Collaborates on the Foundation’s research lines and the organization of conferences and scientific activities.


The Foundation joins forces with public and private research organizations
and with institutions that pursue similar purposes in whole or in part.

The collection

The holdings of Insula Felix are located at the foundation
and consist of the library, some Italian paintings of various epochs,
and some forniture. These include a Madonna and Child from the
first half of the 16th century, Nude in landscape by Mario Sironi,
a pair of Still lifes on mirror by Filippo de Pisis, a mixed technique
by Lucio Del Pezzo and, among the furnishings, a rare pair
of Piedmontese console tables from the 18th century and a fine
Lombard ribaltina equally from the 18th century.


The Foundation is responsible for the protection
and enhancement of the image of Milva Biolcati and her work.
To this end, it collaborates with universities, theatrical entities,
museums and public and private institutions. For those who are
interested contact the foundation at e-mail

Photography © Marco Caselli Nirmal

Support us

Supporting the foundation means helping young scholars by facilitating
the provision of scholarships, promoting cultural sites and heritage, offering
relief to people in difficulties or affected by psycological or neurological distress.