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The library complements the activities that Insula Felix carries out to fulfill its cultural and scientific mission. Constantly growing, it currently houses about 3,000 volumes devoted mainly to Medieval art history and a miscellaneous collection.

Insula Felix has awarded a scholarship to participate to the LXX Study Week “Time in the Early Middle Ages” organised at Spoleto by the CISAM

Ms. Giulia Saccomani, MA in Historical Sciences at the University of Verona, has been awarded a scholarship funded by Insula Felix to promote the participation of young scholars to the Study Weeks organised by the CISAM.
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“La Repubblica” about “InsulaFelix”

Journalist Simona Spaventa visited the Foundation's headquarters and about us writes...
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Insula Felix’s Books

The Insula Felix Foundation supports a publishing production in the field of history and art history, with special attention to Medieval arts and architecture.


The Foundation is responsible for protecting and enhancing the image of Milva Biolcati and her work.

Photography © Paola Mattioli

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