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Giovanni Castaldi MEMBER

A psychoanalyst and psychotherapist, he has been involved in psychiatric rehabilitation for 30 years, particularly in psychotic disorders and borderline personality disorders.

In his clinical experience, he has used and perfected various expressive techniques, supporting their functionality in fostering processes of symbolization and identity construction, especially in cases in which the perception of one’s person and its insertion into a linguistic order are disrupted.

Since 2009 he has taught as an adjunct lecturer Methods and techniques of art therapy at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin.

In 2014 he founded in Milan the Center for Psychic Distress, a center for clinical psychology and psychotherapy, marked by an interdisciplinary approach and a focus on new communication technologies. Member of Bastimenti, Psychiatric Association, which offers cultural care to many people suffering from profound psychic distress by forming groups and activities of various kinds ranging from purely cultural to more specifically therapeutic work. A thespian for nearly a decade, he leads a theater group, the Unstable Company, in Bastions. He has trained in several theater schools and for some years now has landed at the Com teatro in Corsico, directed by Claudio Orlandini, and at the Conia school in Cesena, directed by Claudia Castellucci, one of the founders of Societas Raffaello Sanzio, now dissolved.

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