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The Horcynus Orca Foundation, in collaboration with the Messina Community Foundation, the Superintendence for Cultural and Environmental Heritage of Messina, and the Insula Felix Foundation, is organizing between September 12 and 17, 2022, a Summer School dedicated to “Basilian in Valdemone,” in order to deepen and initiate a data collection related to Basilian foundations in Valdemone, in the area that falls within the current province of Messina.

The project is carried out for the purpose of establishing at the foundation an open database related to medieval foundations in ancient Valdemone, useful for a better knowledge of the territory of Messina and the construction of a dedicated thematic path in the Immersive Room of the Foundation itself. This project is preparatory to the valorization of the historical and artistic elements of a widely abused and relatively little known and studied area, as well as to an enrichment of the cultural offerings by the foundation itself, useful to promote a more active and conscious defense of the territory, an encouragement of restoration practices and a collaboration with various university centers interested in the project.

The first research moment (summer school) will take place between September 11 and 17, 2022: it will be coordinated by Martina Corgnati, art historian, professor of Medieval Art History at the School of Cultural Heritage of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and member of the Scientific Committee of the Horcynus Orca Foundation.

The first day, in plenary session, is open to the public. The other days, devoted to surveys and in-depth studies, are reserved for participants accredited with the Foundation.