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    Agostino Ferrari

    Air Bridge

    This notebook is dedicated to the recent production of Agostino Ferrari, one of the best known Italian artists carachterized by the use of “sign”, co-founder in 1960 of the group “Il Cenobio.” The narrative starts from a letter, dedicated to the themes of the cosmos, energy, and human destiny, that Agostino Ferrari addresses to Martina Corgnati who, as an art historian, has been following him for many years. Ferrari illustrates to her the symbolic and aesthetic value of the blackness that recurs in his paintings, and of the sign that, from the surface of the canvas, sinks inside and penetrates into space, transforming itself into an autonomous, dynamic and plastic body. It is this sign that becomes the “air-bridge” of the title of the book. As Martina Corgnati writes “I really like this space that is neither background nor frame but rather unfathomable openess that you place around, with which you embrace, behind indeed beyond, each surface. A very concentrated thickening of sand, something extremely dense and rich in glow, in sparks. Potentiality, you say, before manifestation. It is there, and it continues there to be, while here, on this glazed, untouched, intangible but enjoyable surface of yours, the present of the sign, its unrepeatable actuality, which also always foresees the lunge, the trace, the flight, unfolds harmoniously.”

    The work, published by Nomos edizioni, contains texts by Martina Corgnati, Agostino Ferrari, Ugo Volli.

    ISBN: 979-12-5958-065-8
    Cm: 23 x 16
    Pagine: 48
    Finitura: paperback